4 Types of Concert Goers



Let’s be real. As music fans, we love concerts. We will blister in the Sierra Desert like heat at Bonnaroo or practically drown in a monsoon waiting for Beyoncé. And although we may suffer through these less than satisfactory conditions, we know that we’ll never have to suffer through them alone. We have met some of the coolest people at concerts, but we have met some of the worst too. However, good or bad, we all fall into one category or the other. Here are 4 types of concert goers that most of us have either seen, have been, or are.

Don’t try and front. You know you’re guilty of being at least one of them.

  1. The cool guy: You know this guy. Everyone around them is having the time of their lives while he stands there like a sack of potatoes. He’s not even mouthing the lyrics. Like, stop it dude. We all know your girlfriend didn’t drag you by your less-than-luscious man bun to see T-Swizzle. If we’re being honest, you probably know every word to the 1989 album.
  2. The over exuberant dancing queen: So you’ve got man bun over here to your left being a total nub while the kid on the right is dancing like there is literally no tomorrow. Like, it’s almost terrifying. Even though you kind of want to punch them in the face a little, you can’t help but dig their enthusiasm. You go Glenn Coco!
  3. The Steven Spielberg: From getting ready with their gal pals in the bathroom to the aftermath of having too many adult beverages during the set, not one moment of this magical night will be missed! Not. One. Minute. I mean, everyone loves a 3 hour long Snapchat story. Right?
  4. The love birds: These couples can’t keep their hands off each other. Even though they’re standing in the middle of 500 crazy fans screaming Papa Roach’s Last Resort  at the top of their lungs, their love flame cannot and will not be extinguished. It’s actually quite beautiful if you really think about it.

Even though you might want to hate them from time to time, you and these colorful group of carbon based organisms have something in common. You are both there because you love the music. You both love being in one place with so many people who understand your need to hear your favorite songs sung live. This is what brings you all together, no matter how different you are, in this one perfect place for just a little while. And that’s pretty amazing.

See? This guy knows what I’m talking about.




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