4 Dream Venues

Here at the Crowd, it’s no secret that we love concerts. We love being jam packed in stadiums with 40,000 other screaming fans. We love standing out in an open field watching our favorite indie band play their hearts out. We even love those small smoky bars listening to a simple acoustic set.

But of all those places, there are still a few venues that we haven’t quite made it to yet, and those venues are amazing. In honor of the venue, the place that sets the mood for the whole show, I have picked 4 different “dream venues” that everyone should catch a show in before they die.

Let the road trip planning being!

  1. Red Rocks Amphitheater

Tucked in the mountains just 10 miles outside of Denver, this outdoor venue boasts as one of the most beautiful places to see a concert in the world. The stage sits at the bottom of a naturally red colored rock development that is often called a fountain formation. With a seating capacity of over 9,000 and near perfect acoustics caused from the towering rock walls surrounding it, you are sure to have one amazing experience at The Red Rocks.

  1. The Tabernacle

Once a Church in Atlanta that accommodated a congregation of over 4,000, this unique venue now sees crowds of a different kind. Affectionately called the “Tabby,” this abandoned place of worship was remodeled to be a concert venue to attract crowds attending the 1996 Summer Olympics. Next time you’re in the ATL, catch a show at a place that is sure to give you a religious experience. See what I did there?

  1. The Cumberland Caverns

333 feet below McMinnville, Tennessee, you’ll find one of the coolest concert venues in the United States. The natural caves were created millions of years ago by long gone ancient rivers and boasts beautiful natural waterfalls and acoustics. The caverns are also home to the world’s only underground bluegrass music festival! So the next time you’re in Nashville, take a detour a few miles south and check out this venue that is old as the roots of bluegrass.

  1. The Beacon Theatre

Opening in 1929 in New York City, The Beacon Theatre is known as one of the most historic concert venues in the entire country. Sometimes referred to Radio City Music Hall’s older sister, this antique concert hall is not only a majestically beautiful part of NYC’s landscape, but is designated as a national landmark. Taking in a show here will have you feeling like you’re accompanying Mr. Gatsby to an evening at the opera.

There you have it! This list should give you a few great ideas on where to stop while you’re on your epic pilgrimage to visit America’s most amazing venues. Safe travels!


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